Clitoria Merchandise


Shirts are available in all styles (Crew neck, fitted v-neck, long shirt—great for pajamas too!)

Clitoria Logo - Shirts
Clitoria logo shirts
Suck it Up shirt
Suck it Up shirts
You Ruined My Life shirt
You Ruined My Life shirts
Beast of the Night shirts
Beast of the Night shirts
Fist Up with logo shirts
Fists up for Pride shirts

Beverage Containers

Clitoria Comic Travel Mug
Clitoria comic style travel mug
Clitoria comic style mug
Clitoria comic style water bottle
Suck it Up travel mug
Suck it Up water bottle
You Ruined My Life travel mug
You Ruined My Life water bottle
Beast of the Night travel mug
Beast of the Night water bottle
Fist Up with logo mug
Fists up for Pride mug

Fist Up water bottle
Fists up for Pride water bottle
Fist Up travel mug
Fists up for Pride travel mug


Masks are available in flat 2-layer and fitted 3-layer forms.

Clitoria logo masks
Suck it Up masks
You Ruined My Life masks
Beast of the Night masks

Stickers & Magnets

Stickers are available in matte, glossy, and transparent finishes and in 4 sizes. Magnets come in 3 sizes. Pin buttons come in 2 sizes.

Clitoria comic style stickers and magnets
Clitoria comic style (no logo) stickers and magnets
Suck it Up stickers and magnets
Beast of the Night stickers and magnets
You Ruined My Life stickers and magnets

Clitoria logo stickers and magnets

Clitoria logo pin button
Clitoria superhero pink halftone pin button
Fist up stickers and magnets
Fists up for Pride stickers and magnets
Fist up pin button
Fists up for Pride pin button

Home & Office

Blankets and pillows come in multiple sizes.

Clitoria pillows

Clitoria comic style throw blanket
Clitoria comic style hardcover journal/notebook
Fist up pillows

Fist up large pillows
Fists up for Pride pillows

Fists up for Pride large pillows

Graphic Design: Adam Zimerman
Clitoria Logo Criginal Design Concept: Justine Cargo
Clitoria Photography: Danielle Reesor