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Have you ever felt like you’re “tone deaf?”
Have you been told that you “can’t sing?”
Do you ever wish you were more musical or talented?

I see it all the time. Inspiring people from all backgrounds come to me seeking the same thing: musical confidence. Being told that you were a “bad singer” early in life is a very common story. People don’t just come to me for singing tips, they often come to me to courageously face a demon.

While it is true that some folks seem to be born with a flair for music, it’s important to know that there are many different kinds of musical skills and abilities. Eventually, everyone hits a wall that can only be overcome by studying music. 

Laura is AMAZE-BALLS!!! I came in completely unable to sing. I couldn’t match my voice to notes and had intonation/hearing issues. Laura has the patience of Job and worked with me, giving me not just pointers on where I was off, but also emotional support through the tough times. In just 10 short weeks (it goes by fast), I was able to sing a song from beginning to end. Seriously, she’s awesome. If she can make THIS old dog learn a thing or two, and carry a tune, she can help anybody!

Mike K, Student

Skills we’ll cover

🎶 Intonation and pitch

🥁 Rhythm and timing

🎤 Expanding vocal range

🗣 Singing freely, without pain or strain

🧑‍🎤 Interpreting a song expressively

👏 Performing for others

Your lessons are going to be personalized to your goals. You’ll be singing your favourite music, and I’ll be there to support you every step of the way. 

You will be blown away by what you can accomplish in just 10 weeks, and how much that will boost your confidence. I’m really looking forward to meeting you, so send me an e-mail and I’ll be in touch soon!

You don’t have to go in blind!

I offer all prospective students a free 30-minute phone consultation to talk about your musical goals, background, and tastes. You’ll also get the opportunity to ask me any questions you may have, and get a sense of how we jive together. No singing required!

Your lessons can also include…

🎸 Self-accompaniment on guitar, piano, or ukulele
✍️ Songwriting
📖 Reading sheet music
🎼 Music theory (beginner to RCM Level 8)
🎙 Musical improvisation
🗯 Speech and presentation coaching

I came to Laura with the concern that, with age, I was starting to lose some of my vocal range. With her help my range is actually increasing and I feel more confident and in control when I’m singing. I understand so much more about how to breathe to support my voice.

Roberta Harrison, lead singer of The Wild Strawberries

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