Singing Lessons

There is nothing more personal or profound than knowing how to use your own voice. Our voice allows us to express ourselves, know ourselves, and lets others know who we are. And while speaking to others is something we do every day, as soon as we shift into using our voice for singing, many people become suddenly overcome by the vulnerability of this simple act. When you come to voice lessons, not only do you strengthen your voice, but you also do the work of strengthening yourself. I have seen it happen over and over again, and that is the most rewarding part of my job.

I am an experienced voice teacher offering professional voice lessons and music instruction in Guelph. My main areas of focus are vocal technique and stage presence for beginner to advanced students. I have helped singers of all ages and disciplines prepare for gigs, auditions, and recordings. Past students include band leaders, musical theatre performers, and actors, as well as working professionals and supportive parents.

I encourage my students to perform seasonally at a local open mic night in downtown Guelph. I prepare students for these performances by teaching vocal microphone technique on system in lessons.

In addition to voice, I also teach…

  • self-accompaniment on guitar, piano, and/or ukulele
  • songwriting
  • music theory (up to RCM Level 8 theory/Advanced Rudiments)
  • musical improvisation
  • speech and presentation coaching

For all inquiries, please contact me here. 


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