S2S Shoot this weekend and more blog!

Hey folks! I’m gearing up for my next shoot day this Saturday and boy oh boy am I freaking out! Let’s just say I’m a little behind on things, as I am wont to be. The truth is that I’m a bit of a procrastinator. So to remedy this problem, I’ve decided to start blogging and/or posting on social media every day to talk about what I’m doing, what I’m working on, so that, you know, I will actually work on stuff every day. Like a five-year-old who glues a stick to a piece of aluminum foil and goes “TA-DA!”

On the day of the shoot, I usually get up early to beautify myself and warm up vocally. Josh puts out the food for the crew and keeps Molly occupied. The sound engineer and videographer arrive at my house at about 11 am and start setting up. Our goal for the day is to record four songs live-off-the-floor on camera. Which means that I have to get a perfect take of a song before we can move on. A song that I JUST wrote. It’s not easy! In between songs the crew gets food and I go change my look. We usually finish around 5:30 pm.

My to-do list for this week is simple enough: finish editing the video for this Friday, finish up writing a song, write another song entirely, and practice them all to perfection! Should be a piece of cake! Hahahahahah… Well, time to face the music. 20170725_113606


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