5 Reasons Why I’m Applying to the Gonzervatory this Friday

This week I’m taking a break from my Fallen Hero Covers series to create a different kind of video. You see, Chilly Gonzales is offering an all-expenses-paid trip to Paris for budding composers to study in beautiful studios with the likes of Peaches, Jarvis Cocker, and of course himself. So I’m devoting my video-making energy this week to creating my Gonzervatory Application video, wherein he is asking to see my “musical life.” It’s a tall order, and initially he had a hard time getting submissions. But here’s why I’m doing it.

  1. It’s a time capsule of where I’m at right now. Applications force us artists to reflect and take stock of the things we have done, what we have achieved, and help us to focus on where we are looking to go. As I struggle with a period of creative uncertainty, it has been extremely helpful to see where I have been.
  2. It sounds like the opportunity of a lifetime. What artist would not kill to spend a free week in Paris studying with her heroes? Oh My Gawd. Where else does an opportunity like this exist? Nowhere, that’s where!
  3. I need help! I have been challenged by the struggle to figure out my artist identity, how to best present my work, and putting together a unique live show that inspires me and brings out my Pheonix. The Gonzervatory seeks to explore a unique approach to learning music that challenges and inspires. I feel like if anyone can help me, it’s these folks.
  4. It connects me to other artists online. Just watching all of the other application videos has been so fun, guys. Search up #Gonzervatory application and you’ll see. There is a global community of artists watching each other’s videos, getting a quick impression of what other people are doing, and I think that’s absolutely fabulous! Lots of inspiration there.
  5. It will make me a better teacher. “I had a problematic relationship with studying music,” Chilly says in the opening to his video calling for applications. “I wanted to be inspired and challenged, not taught!” It is a good reality check for any music teacher: our job is to inspire, and we do that through our skill, creativity, and passion. In any case, I would be very excited to see how Chilly approaches this in his instruction.

Submissions are due this Friday December 1 at midnight London time, which is 7 pm Guelph time! My video should be up at noon Friday as per usual! Hope you like it!

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