My New Brain for 2018: Filling the Day to Declutter the Mind


Most of my past new year’s resolutions have failed because they centre around something I think I should do, but that I don’t really want to do in the moment. So this year, the overarching theme of my new year’s resolutions is to schedule my day with the things I want to do to stay happy and focused on achieving my goals. I have learned that avoiding these tasks and procrastinating only leads to guilt and shame, and leaves my mind free to spin out into dark places each and every day. Keeping my mind occupied with a daily schedule of fruitful work is the name of the game in 2018. So here is my ideal daily routine for 2018.

9 am – Wake up! Because I work evenings, my sleep schedule can be all over the place. Waking up at the same time every day would be an achievement.

9 – 9:30 am – Breakfast, get dressed, brush teeth.

9:30 – 10:30 am – Practice time! This is time to spend with my voice, piano, guitar, and/or ukulele. I don’t want to proscribe too tightly what I’m going to do here, but it will include a good vocal warm-up, practicing for my video, songwriting, and whatever else I’m working on.

10:30 – 11:30 am – Homework time. I have been neglecting my harmony studies this past fall, and I really do want to write the RCM Advanced Harmony exam this summer. It’s totally doable, but I just need to make it a part of my daily routine. Anyone who has done theory knows that the work can be a little bit tedious, but I find that whenever I play out what I’m learning on the piano, I understand it better, and the new chords always inspire my songwriting.

11:30 – 12 noon – Check email. I will respond to your messages at this time!

12 pm – 1 pm – Physical activity. This could be going to the gym, doing a yoga video, or seasonal outdoor activities like gardening or shovelling snow. Whatever I’m in the mood for that day.

1 – 1:30 – Lunch time!

1:30 – 2:30 pm – Get ready for work! Shower. Make-up. Hair. Fashion. Selfies. I look good, I feel good!

2:30 – 3:00 pm – Commute to work. Walk, bus, ride, whatever the weather allows that day. I am free to move as I choose!

3 – 9/9:30 pm – WORK. My job can be somewhat irregular in terms of start and end time, which has often prevented me from being able to follow a routine. But 3 pm is the earliest I can work, so I figure if I always get to work at 3 pm, I will often have “office hours” to prep for lessons, respond to work emails, and tidy up my studio. I may even be able to create some more helpful social media content for my students and followers!

9:30 – 10 pm – Commute home.

10 – 11 pm: Dinner & QT with my spouse and doggy. My husband works a normal day job in Waterloo, so his sleep schedule has to be a lot earlier than mine, with an 11 pm bed time. We will have more time together on weekends, but we’ll make the most of the time we have together during the week.

11 – 12 am – Spiritual time. Meditation, reflection, ritual, journalling, learning, reading, watching videos, etc. Time to devote to my soul and spiritual path, to keep my life intentional and my emotions balanced.

12 – 12:30 am – Getting ready for bed. And not just the regular oral clean-out. Slather my body in lustrous butters from head to toe, and anoint my face in luxurious oils. Take some time to love and spoil my body!

12:30 – 1 am  – Read.

1 am – Meditation into sleep.

Of course, another important aspect of this plan is to forgive myself when I cannot do the plan. There will always be days when this is just not meant to be. But the point is to have a plan and keep myself occupied each day with the things I want to do. And if I ever get off track, I can just look at the clock, look at this list, and pick up from where I am.

Hope your New Year is joyous and bright! What are your New Years resolutions?


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