New Year, New Studio, New Referral Discount, and more!

Happy New Year, y’all! It’s been a good long while since I updated the old website, so I thought I’d just recap all the exciting changes that have come along for Laura Bailey Music now that we’re in 2020!

New Referral Discount

I very much want to reward the students who have signed up with me and who help me grow my business through word of mouth. Whenever you refer a new student to me, both of you will get a $60 discount on your next 10 Lesson Package. That’s the equivalent of one free lesson!

New Downtown Studio

I am now very happy to be offering lessons out of the bright, beautiful office space of Art Not Shame in downtown Guelph. My students have been enjoying the space too, complete with a kitchen and lots of tea options! Shoes off at the door, we’re fancy like that. 🙂 I am here coaching students on Tues/Wed/Thurs evenings and Saturdays.

New Studio Policies

As I’m now in paid rental space, I needed to revise some of my studio policies for 2020. Some of these include: giving myself a raise, eliminating the monthly plan in favour of the 10 lesson package and single lesson, and revising the cancellation policy. I will be sending this out to my student contacts soon, as well as any new potentials.

New Student Open Mics

I have partnered with the Cornerstone Open Mic to offer my students performance opportunities in the community. Our first showcase happened this past December, and it was a whole lot of fun! The Cornerstone offers an incredibly supportive audience of many fellow singers of all levels, as well as the option of a kick ass drummer! We’re aiming to do the next one in March.

Hopefully we will keep the good news coming in 2020!



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