Yom Kippur prayer services live-streamed this Monday

Your High Holidays Dynamic Duo!

This coming Monday September 28, Kohenet Lauren Stein and I will be reuniting (did we ever part?) to bring you another live-streamed high holiday prayer service for Yom Kippur. Tune into my Facebook page at 6:30 PM to watch from home.

For those who are interested in coming to the event in Guelph, here are the details.

Time and Place

Mid-Afternoon on Monday, September 28, 2020
AKA 10 Tishrei, 5781
Me & Lauren’s backyard (location available upon confirmation)

Yizkor (commemorating our beloved who have passed) at 3:30 PM

Discussion at 5:00 PM

Ne’ilah (closing services) and Havdalláh (separating holy time from the rest of time) starting at 6:30 PM

Breaking the fast dinner (we will likely order Thai) at 7:45 PM

Things to bring

🤲 Your own hanitizer and wipes

😷 Your own mask and gloves if you want

👲 Kippah if you wear one during religious rituals

☂️ Weather: The forecast is a high of 21˚C and a low of 13˚C, with possible showers, so dress accordingly and bring an umbrella


Travel mug/reusable bottle, filled with water*

☕️ A thermal travel mug with a hot beverage also an idea*
🍷 Wine and grape juice will be served as part of the ritual. You’re welcome to bring a wine glass or simply use the travel receptacle you already have.*
 🍽 Yom Kippur is a day of fasting. Lauren will be fasting, and you’re welcome to join her. If you do not wish to fast or have a medical need, please take care of yourself away from plain view so as to respect those who are fasting.
💌 Costs for us are $36 per person. Please come regardless of contribution, as we want you there. If you are able to contribute, that would be greatly appreciated.

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