Happy Retirement to My Voice Teacher

This my voice teacher, Tannis Sprott, and I at our last singing lesson together, right before I performed my final exam and she finally got to retire! 

For the last four years, Tannis has been guiding me on my journey into classical singing. Her combination of humour, expertise, and compassion made our time together uplifting and grounding, even as I was going through some tough times. She’s a pretty tough lady herself! 

Her passion for classical music and teaching the art of vocal technique inspired me as a coach, and so much of what I do I learned from her. I know I’m not the only voice teacher working today who will say that. Her legacy will be not only people who found the joy of singing, but a generation of singers and coaches who can help others overcome their vocal challenges. I have students who are doing things with their voices they never thought possible, and a great deal of that knowledge I learned from Tannis. 

When the pandemic hit last year, Tannis made the wise decision to finally retire, as she had been intending to do for some time… except for me. Her dedication to helping me complete my ARCT singing exam went above and beyond the call of duty, even sewing special singing masks for me so that we could rehearse in her home. And during the lockdown, she continued coaching me online, despite the technical challenges (and there were many). 

My heart is overflowing with gratitude for this wonderful woman. My life is richer for having mentors like her in it, and it’s an unlimited wealth that now flows to others. 

Thank you Tannis!

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