Getting a Handle on Handel! Watch me sing O Thou Tellest Good Tidings to Zion from Messiah

Watch me sing O Thou Tellest Good Tidings to Zion from Handel’s Messiah.

Handel’s Messiah holds a special place in my heart, considering it was a work that I routinely sang at Christmas time as a child with the Bach Children’s Chorus. At the last few rehearsals before the big performance, we would be joined by the orchestra and the soloists. I remember being a child and watching the vocal soloists in awe, wondering how they spun their magic. They seemed to have such incredible control over their instruments, and were able to achieve a sweetness and purity in their sound that I didn’t hear on the radio. It obviously had an effect on me! While I hope to be able to sing with others again in the near future, just being on this side of the music feels like a wonderful accomplishment that little Laura never knew she would reach. Hallelujah!

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